Richmond Water Heater Replacement

$100 Off Water Heater Installation Richmond VAFrom taking showers to doing the laundry and washing the dishes, hot water is a part of everyday life. You depend on it to help your household function smoothly. When the water heater breaks down, everyday life comes to a halt. Our expert technicians can get to your home 24/7 in an emergency—restoring your unit so you can get on with your day.

Replacement Services

If it’s time to install a new water heater, Michael & Son offers a variety of options to choose from. Factors such as usage and consumption, including how much laundry you typically do, the amount of bathrooms in your home and even the size of your bathtub are all included in the decision-making process. Different types of units include gas, electric, natural, solar, propane and tankless.

Depending on your usage, a great cost and energy savings can be realized from the tankless heater, which offers an unlimited supply of hot water.

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