Don’t be caught with a huge mess on your hands by depending on our comprehensive septic services. We work diligently so you can avoid the hassle of a backed up or clogged system. Our team is licensed to repair
Professional septic tank cleaning truck with hoseand replace a variety of septic systems. No project is too big or small for us. We use the latest equipment to provide septic tank pump services to keep your system in great shape throughout the year.

How Septic Systems Work

We are able to provide superior septic services because our entire team understands how each part of the system works. There are a few major differences between sewer and septic systems. Instead of sending raw waste to a sewage plant, your septic system does the processing right under your feet. It starts with the solid and liquid waste traveling through the system in a series of underground pipes. The system then separates the sewage. The solid waste is stored into a tank, and the wastewater goes through a drain field that is filtered naturally by the soil.

Truck for Washington DC septic tank serviceThe Importance of Septic Tank Pump Services

Over the months, your system builds sludge and debris. If you don’t receive septic tank pump services on a regular basis by one of our trained specialists, you could experience backups or blockages. Avoid the hassle with our septic tank services that cover everything, including pumping and repairs. We clean out your entire tank so it runs without any problems. Our team recommends that you pump your system every few years.

Complete Septic Tank Repair

Even though septic tanks are extremely durable systems, they do require repairs over time. If you notice any recurring problems, rely on our experienced team to fix any issue quickly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive septic tank repair that targets the root cause of the problem. Using the latest video inspection equipment, our team checks the entire tank and pipes. We never miss a single detail, leaving you with a working and reliable system.

Backyard septic tank pumping by a Michael and Son expertBudget-Friendly Septic Tank Replacement

There does come a time when even the best repair job isn’t enough and you need a septic tank replacement. We install new parts for any part of the system, whether it’s a new tank, pump, distribution box, or the drain field. Our team has the knowledge and experience you can trust to ensure your system gets back up and running in no time. As part of our dedication to quality, we inspect everything before wrapping up the project.

Contact our trained specialists for septic services that cover every detail. We proudly serve clients in Washington, DC, as well as in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, and Leesburg, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

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