Affordable Sewage Cleanup in Arlington, VA

Put down the mop and pail. There’s only so much you can do if you have sewage damage in your home. For comprehensive, safe, and thorough sewage cleanup in Arlington, VA, depend on Michael & Son. Whether you have a minor overflow in your home or a major sewer backup, we can effectively mitigate the problem. In fact, we are the area’s #1 source for sewer damage cleaning. Rely on us for prompt, affordable, and meticulous services.

Sewage Cleanup in Arlington, VATypes of Sewage Damage

Not all water damage is the same. In fact some water, such as a sink overflow, may fall under Category 1 (clean water). However, other problems are much more serious. Don’t try to handle the sewage damage cleanup by yourself. We are experienced technicians that have the training to assess the issue. We also possess the right equipment to ensure a safe and sanitary place again. The three categories of water damage include:

Clean Water (Category 1)
No Substantial Health Threat
Caused by Broken Water Lines & Tub or Sink Overflows
Becomes Grey Water in 72 Hours Grey Water

Grey Water (Category 2)
Unsanitary Water Containing Contamination
Caused by Dishwasher Overflow, Toilet Backups, Waterbed Leaks, & Aquarium Leaks
Degrades to Black Water in about 48 Hours

Black Water (Category 3)
Significant Health Threat
Contains Harmful Bacteria & Disease-Producing Pathogenic Agents
Caused by Sewer Backups or Floodwater with Organic Matter

What to Do about Sewage Overflow

The toilet overflows, and you panic! Few things are more unnerving for homeowners than a backed-up sewer line. It not only creates stinky problems, but it can be costly as well. Fortunately, we are at your service if you have a sewage overflow at your home or business. Providing sewage cleanup 24 hours a day, we respond to your call at a moment’s notice.

In addition, we offer more than simply sewage water extraction. Instead, we ensure your place is perfectly clean again—and stink-free! Because we are also licensed plumbers, we are able to repair the problem so you don’t experience it again. We offer the following when providing backup sewage cleanup:

  • Containment
  • Extraction & Disposal
  • Comprehensive Cleaning
  • Decontamination & Sanitizing
  • Dry-Out Services


24-Hour Emergency Backup Sewage Cleanup

Unfortunately, you can never really anticipate sewage problems. Oftentimes, they happen when you least expect them. Don’t panic when it happens to you. Simply call us for immediate services. One of our friendly customer service representatives is on-call to dispatch a technician to your place right away.

Contact us for prompt services if there is a sewer line break in your basement. We serve residential and commercial customers in Arlington, Virginia.

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