If you have a sump pump, you know that regular maintenance and ensuring proper function is vital to avoiding disaster.

If your sump pump fails to operate, you could risk flooding of your home or business.  The damage could extend past your basement to include foundation damage and potential damage on other floors of the property.  With these simple steps, you can quickly check to make sure your sump pump is running properly and avoid water damage.

Electric Sump Pumps: Make sure its plugged into an outlet and the cord is is good working order.  Breakers on this outlet could be more prone to tripping due to moisture and potential disable your sump pump, so ensure the breakers is reset.

Battery Powered Sump Pumps: Follow the manufacturers recommendation on battery replacements which generally every 2-3 years.  As sump pumps vibrate, they could tip or fall over potentially causing an obstruction and not clear water efficiently. so check to make sure everything is up right and is able to move freely.

Clear any obstructions from your submersible sump pump and make sure there’s no debris that could potentially clog the pump.  Clear any vent holes in the discharge and suction pipes as well

Listen for any changes or unusual sounds from your sump pump’s motor.

Check the oil level in your sump pump

– After any major rain, its always a good idea to check your pump to ensure its still in good working order.

– If you want to test the pump, a simple way to do so is dump one or two buckets of water near the machine and it should kick on automatically and start draining.

– If your pump doesn’t have a battery back up, consider a generator.

With proper maintenance, your sump pump should protect your home for a long time. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this yourself, the professionals at Michael & Son are here to help. For any questions on maintenance, installation or repair of a sump pump, call the professionals at Michael and son at 800-948-MIKE for 24/7 service that your family can rely on 365 days a year.

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