Water Damage in Alexandria VAWhat to Do When You Have Water Damage in Alexandria VA

Water may be good, but not when it’s damaged your home. Turn to Michael & Son for comprehensive water damage restoration in Alexandria VA.

Whether a plumbing problem has caused damage or rainwater has entered your home, there are several important steps to take to speed up the water damage cleanup process.

• Remain calm and contact Michael & Son for immediate assistance.
• Turn off the main water to prevent further damage.
• Turn off breakers and electrical appliances if it’s safe to do so.
• Put aluminum foil or plastic under the furniture to prevent damage to furniture or floors.
• Remove area rugs and draperies to a safe and dry location.
• Remove small breakable items, electronics, and other materials that could be damaged by moisture.
• Stay away from electrical devices, switches, and outlets where there is water.

Immediate Water Damage Repairs in Alexandria VA

Don’t delay water damage repairs when you have water intrusion in your home. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem. In fact, after 48 hours, items can become irreparably damaged. As a water restoration company in Alexandria VA, we help you get your life back again by providing 24/7 emergency water damage restoration.

From extracting the water to rebuilding damaged structural components, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools to return your place to its pre-damaged condition. In fact, for our team in Alexandria VA, water damage cleanup means much more than basic water removal. Some of the services included in our water damage repairs include:

  • Full Inspection
  • Complete Water Removal Services
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing
  • Drying & Dehumidifying
  • Deodorizing
  • Mold Removal


How to Choose a Water Restoration Company

Not all water damage restoration businesses are the same. In fact, some have very little experience with water mitigation. At our water restoration company in Alexandria VA, we have a fully certified team of experts that are full trained on all of the water removal methods. In addition, we go above and beyond to provide full-service structural repairs and remodeling.

Contact our expert technicians for water damage cleanup that ensures a dry and fully restored living space again. We proudly serve customers in Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas.

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