Experienced Water Damage Restoration Specialists in Fairfax VA

When a flood, a leaky roof, or a plumbing break has damaged your home, Michael & Son offers comprehensive water damage cleanup and repairs in Fairfax VA. What may seem impossible for you is completely possible when you rely on our experienced water damage restoration specialists.

Water Damage Restoration Specialists in Fairfax VAYou may not have been prepared for water damage, but we are. Don’t despair. As experts in the field, we have the manpower, the equipment, and the experience to restore your place to new again. Best of all, we respond at a moment’s notice by providing emergency water damage repair services in Fairfax VA.

How to Prevent Further Water Damage

Water damage often happens when you least expect it. It’s critical that you contact Michael & Son for water damage repairs in Fairfax VA as soon as you notice problems. This helps prevent further damage to your home and
belongings. Do not vacuum your carpets or use a Shop-Vac® due to safety reasons. Some of the ways to salvage your possessions and your home include:

• Contact our water restoration company immediately.
• Shut off local or main water supply.
• Turn off breakers and electrical appliances (only if it’s safe to do so)
• Put plastic or aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent damage to furniture and floors.
• Move throw rugs and curtains to a safe and dry location.
• Remove breakable items, electronics, and other materials that could be damaged by humidity.

Full-Service Water Damage Cleanup in Fairfax VA

What you can’t see can cause problems for you and your family. The highly trained team at our company does much more than mop your place and dry your floors. As water damage cleanup experts in Fairfax VA, we also detect mold, provide complete sanitization, and repair all structural components in your home – from the studs and floors to the drywall and ceilings.

A Reputable Water Restoration Company in Fairfax VA

For more than 30 years, Michael & Son has been helping homeowners recover after water has damaged their homes. The courteous and dedicated team at our Fairfax VA water restoration company work hard to bring normalcy back to your life by providing prompt and affordable water damage repairs. Trust us to put things back together again.

Contact us to speak with one of our courteous staff members when you need water damage restoration services. We proudly serve customers in Fairfax VA and the surrounding areas.

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