Bowie Water Damage Repair

Remove the water that is slowly weakening your home, and replace any damaged elements with our approach to Bowie water damage repair. A flooding water event can come in a variety of forms. Your home could get soaked by a severe thunderstorm, or in the aftermath of a catastrophic fire. When you need a proven team capable of water reclamation and fire damage restoration, Michael & Son Services is the natural choice.

Water Damage Bowie MDThe longer you allow water to soak into your insulation and baseboards, the greater the possibility becomes of a mold and mildew infestation. Wet wood is a natural source of food for insects of all shapes and sizes, so quick action is critical. We make getting the restoration services you need easy and affordable, and we even work directly with your insurance company on any claim.

Our uniformed carpenters and contractors are sure to be a welcome sight as the flood waters recede. We come prepared with powerful fans and a proven approach to water reclamation and residential restoration. When your home or business is hanging in the balance, choose a company that has been doing business since 1976. We have what it takes to make your house a home again.

Complete Water Damage Restoration in Bowie, MD

Strengthen your home after any flood, and dry out your carpets and drapes before they become a breeding ground for potentially toxic mold. Water follows the path of least resistance, and it flows to the lowest point. That often means that structural elements outside of your reach are being soaked. You need a restoration team with a proven track record of expertise when it comes to structural repairs.

Water removal is our top priority with any project we take on. If you wait for the water to recede naturally, the resulting damage could get expensive. Our technicians are prepared to deploy efficient pumps to get the water out of your structure. Once the water has been removed, our technicians start the process of home drying.

Focus on Recovery

Each of our representatives is here to serve your needs. As a locally-owned-and-operated firm, we are focused on serving the needs of the individual client. This includes dealing directly with your insurance company on any claims that need filing. We have been doing business since 1976, so we understand how to make this process more efficient. Once your home is dry, we can provide you with a clear plan for any needed home repairs.

Contact us today for our transformational Bowie water damage repair process. We proudly serve customers in Bowie, Maryland.

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