Professional Water Damage Repair in Rockville MD

Water Damage Cleanup in Rockville MDSewer backups, broken pipes, and rainstorms. They have the potential to cause significant water damage in your home. For quick response to your water mitigation needs, depend on Michael & Son in Rockville, Maryland, for water damage restoration services. When pipes burst and flood waters rise, we are a team you can trust for immediate assistance.

What to Do When Water Damage Occurs

Minimize damage to your home by turning to our water damage cleanup team in Rockville MD. The Institute of
Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests the following while waiting for a water damage repair team to arrive.

  • Stop the Water Leak if Possible
  • Increase Airflow with Open Windows, Fans, AC, or Heating
  • Open Doors, Drawers, & Closets to Promote Drying
  • Move Furniture from Wet Areas or Protect Furniture Legs with Triple-Folded Aluminum Foil
  • Remove Draperies & Upholstery Skirts
  • Wash Wet Clothes, Sheets, & Linens Immediately
  • Don’t Store Damp Items in Bags Where Mold Can Grow
  • Remove Breakable Items, Electronics, & Other Items That Could Be Damaged by Humidity

Rockville MD Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Fast response is crucial when water invades your home. In fact, the longer you wait the more damage that occurs. Fortunately, the dedicated water damage repair team at our Rockville MD company has the experience, equipment, and commitment to ensure your place is dry and fully repaired.

The removal of water and humidity is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does it prevent further damage to your personal belongings, it also prevents wood swelling and mold growth. Through comprehensive water damage cleanup in Rockville MD, we provide not only water and moisture removal, but also complete structural repairs.

Water Damage Repairs in Rockville MD

Just because you cannot see the water anymore, doesn’t mean it is gone. The skilled team at our water restoration company in Rockville MD knows where to look. We use state-of-the-art moisture detecting instruments as well as visual inspections to provide thorough and efficient water damage repairs.

Water Restoration Company Serving Rockville MD for 30 Years

Turn to Rockville’s experts in the water damage restoration industry when you’re knee deep in problems. We have more than 30 years of experience in water mitigation. Our technicians in Rockville MD are highly experienced and courteous, as well as thorough and well equipped to provide complete water damage repairs.

Contact us to learn more about how Michael & Son can help you recover from your emergency. We proudly serve customers in Rockville MD and the surrounding areas.

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