Whole Home Water Treatment Systems

Does your drinking water smell or taste unpleasant? Don’t lug around 40 gallon jugs or waste your money every month on expensive carbon filters for your pitcher or sink. Remove chlorine, impurities and contaminants with Michael & Son’s Reverse osmosis water system for a low as $1 a day. Our filters use a reverse osmosis process that pushes water through a permeable membrane filtering out contaminants leaving you with fresh clean drinking water.

Fits right under your sink, simple and easy to use. Our low maintenance system includes a quick visit to your home to replace your filters once a year. So if you have unpleasant tasting water and rotten egg smells, call Michael & Son for a free consultation today and see how we can help not only save you hundreds of dollars a year on water but get clean refreshing drinking water all year round. Call us or visit us online today.

Water Filtration

Fast, Simple & Sanitary Maintenance!

Quick connect disposable cartridges and membrane make for easy ‘Do-It-Yourself’ maintenance. With built in auto water shut-offs there is no need to turn off the water supply prior to maintenance. Because traditional systems require the disinfection of the permanent housing canisters and involve more direct human contact, maintenance can take as much as an hour and if not done properly can result in1 a contaminated system. Disposable cartridges changes in seconds and reduce contamination risk!

• Great value for the price: No lugging or storing heavy 40lb bottles, AquaFlo Solutions cost only pennies per litre
• No monthly filters to replace: easy annual maintenance

Contact our water treatment specialists if you need water treatment services in Loundon, Winchester, Prince William Counties, Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Charlotte, NC. Call Michael & Son Today!

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