Expert Waterproofing in Alexandria, VA

Seal it and save it by depending on Michael & Son Services. For many years, our company has been providing waterproofing Alexandria, VA, for homeowners and business owners. If you’re knee deep in water problems, why not depend on us for services? We create watertight surfaces that ensure dry basements and crawlspaces. Trust our experienced team for efficient and affordable waterproof basement services.

Save $250 Off Waterproofing VirginiaEffective Waterproofing Services

Protect your property from moisture by waterproofing your basement or crawl space. By installing vapor barrier or coating your floors, we prevent moisture from creating a wet or humid environment. Doing so effectively protects your basement and eliminates excessive mold growth and mildew.

We ensure 100% coverage of the surface by insulating everything–from the floors to the foundation walls. Since most basement foundations and walls are not built to be watertight, we offer effective solutions that guarantee a dry place. Experience the benefits of less moisture when you trust us for waterproofing and encapsulation.

Do You Want a Waterproof Basement?

Transform your damp basement into a dry and enjoyable new room. By providing basement waterproofing, we give you more elbow room in your home. You no longer need to battle leaks and mold. When we waterproof the area, we repair all cracks and seal everything to stop water from entering.

In addition, if you have standing water on your basement floors, we can pump it out. The water may have been the result of a rainstorm, melted snow, or a pipe burst. Allow us to remove it, restore the area, and correct the problem. After that, we’ll seal the area permanently to prevent future problems. When you use our skilled team, you won’t have to deal with a damp basement ever again.

Fix Moisture Problems with Crawlspace Foundation Waterproofing

Who wants a damp, dark basement with water problems? In addition, if you have a wet crawlspace, it could create problems with the structure of your home and create health concerns. Our business corrects these issues by providing crawlspace waterproofing for residential and commercial customers.

In addition, by eliminating moisture from under your home, you prevent mold problems from occurring. It also protects the structure of your home by preventing wood rot and keeping bugs and rodents out. For advanced solutions that ensure a dry and moisture-free living building, allow our technicians to provide an inspection and free quote for services.

Contact us for more information about our effective waterproofing services. We serve customers throughout Alexandria, Virginia.

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