Flood Damage Cleanup in Wilmington, NC

Flood Damage Cleanup Wilmington NCDon’t panic if your home is flooded. We know what to do to bring calm to the situation and restore your property. Even though you shouldn’t panic, it’s important to act fast if your home is flooded. Without prompt water cleanup, more problems could occur–mold, property damage, and even structural damage. Let Michael & Son cause the water to recede and the damage to disappear. We provide full-service flood damage cleanup in Wilmington, NC.

Our experienced team acts fast to extract all the water and moisture from your flood-damaged home or business. Doing so prevents any other damage from occurring, such as mold, structural problems, and damage to other personal possessions. We are also ready to act in the event of an emergency. Available 24 hours a day, we are known for our quick, reliable, and affordable work. Using industrial water extraction equipment and proven methods, we return your property to its pre-flood condition as soon as possible.

Thorough Flood Damage Restoration

In order to correctly clean up after a flood, you must have the proper knowledge, equipment, and experience. If rising waters have damaged your home or business, we’ll make sure everything is dry again. Our flood damage restoration company specializes in water removal as well as sterilization, sanitation, and deodorization. Whether a storm or a broken pipe has caused water to flood your place, you need fast and effective solutions. There’s no need to worry, because we are here to bring calm to a difficult situation.

Always On-Call in an Emergency

Fast response is vital when you have a flooded home or business. That’s because the longer water is allowed to sit, the more likely your floors, walls, and furniture will be damaged. We know what it takes to quickly ensure your property is completely dry again!

Three Types of Water from Flood

Not all water damage is the same. We determine the type of water damage you have and the right methods needed to clean it. There are three types of water that create damage to a home. They include:

Category One: Fresh Water
• Not a Substantial Threat to Humans
• Caused by Broken Water Lines, Tub or Sink Overflows, Rain, or Melting Snow
• Degrades to Gray Water in 72 Hours

Category Two: Gray Water
• Unsanitary Water with Contaminates That Could Cause Sickness
• Caused by Dishwasher Overflows, Toilet Backups, Waterbed, & Aquarium Leaks
• Degrades to Black Water in about 48 Hours

Category Three: Black Water
• Grossly Unsanitary Water Containing Disease-Producing Agents
• Caused by Sewage Back-Ups, Ground Surface Water, or Floodwater with Organic Matter

Contact us for emergency basement flood cleanup today. We proudly serve clients throughout Wilmington, North Carolina.

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