Septic Systems in Wilmington, NC

If there is a foul odor in your home it could be your septic system. Keep the wastewater running in the right direction with Michael & Son Wilmington. We repair and replace tanks, drainfields, and entire septic systems in Wilmington, NC. As a fully licensed team, we have the skill and tools to service all types of septic systems. Avoid messy problems in your home by relying on us to ensure your septic tank system and drainfields are operating at peak efficiency.

How a Septic System Operates

Your septic system is essentially composed of two parts: a septic tank and a drainfield. The tank holds solid waste. The drainfield is an underground system that filters liquid waste from the tank into the soil. When these parts are not functioning properly, then you could have big problems with your septic system. At the first sign of trouble – sewage smells, toilet backups, or a wet drainfield—contact our company for prompt service.

Affordable Septic Tank Pump Services

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to correct sewage backups is to pump your tank. Over time, tanks begin to fill up with raw sewage. Removing the waste creates a clear tank that allows wastewater to flow back into the drainfield. By providing septic tank pump services, we ensure the smooth operation of your tank and a sweet-smelling home. Best all, we provide this service at an affordable price for our customers.Septic Systems Wilmington NC

Emergency Septic Tank Repair

Don’t wait for days for septic tank repair. We respond quickly to your needs if you notice problems with your system. Even though septic tanks usually last for decades, they are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage. You can expect dependable, quality, and efficient work from our team if you have concerns about your tank.

Using video inspection equipment, we identify the problem and location. We then provide prompt, affordable, and thorough septic tank repair for your above-ground or underground tank.

Affordable Septic Replacement

Is it time to retire your septic system? Whether you need a new tank, a pump, a drainfield, or complete septic replacement, we are equipped to install anything. Our licensed technicians know how to ensure the peak operation of your system. Allow us to determine if your system needs basic maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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When Do You Need Drainfield Repair?

Backed-up toilets, strong sewer smells, and wet drainfields. The signs are usually obvious when you need septic tank pumping or drainfield repair. If you notice any of these problems, depend on our experienced team for prompt services. The problem may be something simple, like a clog, or something more serious, such as a collapsed line. Either way, we provide drainfield repair to ensure a fully operational system.

Contact us for immediate response if your toilets are backing up. We serve customers in Wilmington, Shallotte, Leland, Murraysville, and Kings Grant, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

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