Water Extraction in Wilmington, NC

Water Extraction Wilmington NC

It’s a traumatic experience when water floods your business or home. There’s no need to panic. Even though restoration seems like an impossible task, it’s our specialty. Michael & Son can thoroughly and quickly remediate with water extraction. In Wilmington, NC, our fully licensed and experienced technicians use the proper tools and advanced equipment to ensure a dry and livable home.

If a storm damaged your roof or a pipe has ruptured in your home, you’llhave a flood of problems. Whether the problem comes from broken pipes, roof leaks, or heavy rain, trust our company for prompt and comprehensive services. As emergency water cleanup specialists, we provide:

  • Emergency Water Removal
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mold, Mildew, & Odor Removal
  • Complete Restoration Services
  • Insurance Claim Assistance

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet, any amount of water in your home or business can cause significant damage. A small leak or a local flood creates big problems. You need experienced water removal contractors to perform remediation.

We’ll make sure the waters recede. By using powerful water removal equipment, industrial air blowers, and state-of-the-art moisture detection tools, our technicians ensure your place is completely dry again. We also ease your worries by working with your insurance company to cover the claim.

The Importance of Prompt Dehumidification & Water Removal

It may only be water, but it brings all sorts of problems. Along with structural damage and property damage, standing water is also a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you let it sit too long, you’re likely to have more serious and expensive problems–such as toxic mold growth.

As restoration specialists, we know how to stabilize the situation and keep the damage to a minimum. Regardless of how minor and major the damage seems to be, we have the expertise needed to bring a sense of calm to the situation. Our company has provided dependable restoration services for many years.

Arrange for water damage restoration and dry-outs as soon as possible. The longer everything soaks–the more damage that occurs. There are three categories of water that indicate certain health risks. After determining the type of water damage, we take immediate action to restore your property. The three water categories are:

Category One: Clean Water
• Usually the Result of a Broken Plumbing Line
• Water Does Not Contain Contaminants

Category Two: Gray Water
• Often Caused by Dishwater or Sump Pump Overflows
• Contains Some Harmful Organisms and Contaminants

Category Three: Black Water
• Caused by Floods and Sewer Line Backups
• Severe Health Risk
• Contains Many Harmful Bacteria & Other Contaminants

Contact our restoration company for prompt, affordable, and comprehensive water extraction services. We proudly serve clients throughout Wilmington, North Carolina.

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